What days do you deliver?
We currently do deliveries Monday to Fridays.
At this time, no deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory Holidays.

Where do you deliver to?
During this time, we deliver in selective areas of Kelowna, BC.

Please click here to see the areas we delivery to.

If you try to place an online order and get this error message "Sorry, we don't ship to your address", it means we don't deliver to your area yet.

Please check back soon as we are expanding our delivery services over time.

Do you delivery to apartment/condos and gated communities?
Yes we do. When you check out, please provide specials instructions for the driver as where to park, what door to come to and contact info to call you when the driver arrives.

How long will my delivery take?
We do next day delivery with 12pm cutoff the day you place your order. Upon check out is when you will find out the delivery window.

What are the delivery windows?
We deliver between 12pm-3pm.

Who picks my produce?
Your produce is picked by our staff of produce specialists. They are regularly trained in a hands-on produce to ensure the highest quality selection.

Is there a minimum order amount?
Minimum order is $30.00.

How much is the delivery fee?
$9.99 delivery fee on order over $30.00 $12.99 for orders under $30.00. FREE DELIVERY on order over $75.00.

Can I make special requests with my order?
Yes, after you add items to the shopping cart, you can leave the message in the field under "Special instructions for seller" in the shopping cart. We will do our best to meet all special instructions, but cannot guarantee all requests will be fulfilled.

Will I be notified that my order is coming soon?
Yes. After you submit your online order, you will receive an automated text AND/OR  email notification with confirmation details. These are automated messages so please do not reply to the email or text. If you need to get a hold of someone, please contact our store immediately at (250) 763-3131.

Do I need to be there for the delivery?
At this time, Yes, someone must be present. This way to ensure that your produce is handled right away and put away to prevent spoiling.

If someone isn't present at the time of delivery, your driver will return your items and our customer service will contact you to inform you. You will be given an option to pick up your order at no charge. Or you can rescheduled delivery for an additional fee.
If you need to reschedule a delivery, you must contact us at 250-763-3131 at least two hours prior to the beginning of your scheduled delivery window in order to avoid any additional fees.

What should I do if my order doesn't arrive in scheduled delivery window?
Please contact our store immediately at (250) 763-3131. (Calls between 5pm-9am, please leave a message.) We try our best to make the delivery process as smooth as possible, but we are still in beta testing phase.

What if I receive my order and it is wrong?
If there is something wrong with your order, please contact the store immediately at (250) 763-3131. (Calls between 5pm-9am, please leave a message.)

Should I tip the drivers?
You are not obligated to tip the drivers. If you feel that your driver deserves extra recognition, please contact us to tell us what they did for you. If you don't remember your driver's name, that's okay, we can look up the driver assigned to your order through our system. The driver will be recognized through a staff recognition program and will be commended for their extra efforts.

What are your payment options?
Online order only accept Mastercard and Visa.

Can I pay for my groceries when they are delivered?
No, we have made a decision that for both the security of our drivers, and for the security of your credit card information, we complete all transactions by credit card online.

What if the driver is late?
We work very hard to make your delivery within the two-hour time slot which you select at check out. While we do factor in traffic volumes and other foreseeable delays into the estimated delivery time, occasionally, delays can happen which are beyond our control such as traffic jams/accidents and poor weather causing poor driving conditions. We will try our best to inform you of any potential delay, as soon as it becomes known. You should receive a call from your Delivery Driver or from Mike’s Produce customer service advising you if your delivery is delayed.

Questions and Concerns

If you have any question or concerns, please contact us at 250-763-3131 or click here to email us.